Boletin mutante Nº3 : X-Men Personality Quiz

Y sin hacer (muchas) trampas :

You scored as Wolverine.

Wolverine is a loner, and a skilled fighter. He's got the hots for Jean Grey but a better fit for him would be Storm. He doesn't like to follow orders which pisses Cyclops off. He has terrible memories from the experimentation done on him at Weapon X. Even though he doesn't show it, he loves the X-Men. Powers: Fast healing and adamantium skeleton and claws.

2 comentarios:

  1. Pues yo soy Cíclope, una líder natural ahí donde me ves... ¡quién lo diría! XD


  2. A mi me hicieron una pregunta de desempate porque me salían Ciclope, Jean y Logan. Con la que conteste me salía Jean...pero vamos, tan solo tuve que poner que me gustaría ver a mis enemigos despedazados para que saliera el garras...xD